Amitin Design Graphics work follows the schedule below


How we work with graphic design.

Amitin Design working Schedule

Most of our design work is priced per job, occasionally we offer hourly rate, our hourly rate is 500 baht. Contact us by email or by phone and provide as much information as possible about what you require designed. We will then email you an estimation and if you agree we will send through and official quotation. We will also send you a signed contract laying out the agreement. The agreement makes clear out commitment to agreed deadlines. We normally aim to provide a 1st draft within 2-3 days. complex jobs may take longer, but we will estimate the timescale before we start work. We will then work together through several drafts using your feedback and our creativity to come up with a unique one of a kind custom design. We are happy to make changes until you are satisfied with the design.

We work with you and through a process of evolution, we create somethings together that is a one off custom design, that has been tailor made to your business and product and to appeal directly to your target market.  As well as design and product development, we also fully manage manufacturing and printing your designs, and can arrange for shipment worldwide.  Whether it’s a small order or a large order to be sold wholesale, we have a number of logistics solutions to suit all needs and budgets.  We can also arrange for insurance and any other paperwork that may be needed when importing into countries that require it.

We can also arrange for prototypes of your designs to be made, with 3D printing using plastics, metals and a host of other materials.  Prices using this new technology are becoming more and more affordable, and the quality just gets better and better.  With these printers we can manufacture everything from plastic mugs to unusual one off promotional materials.  It’s even possible to manufacture parts for car and bike engines, or stunning metal work that can again be used to promote your business.  We also have laser cutting machines that can work with a wide range of materials.

So if you are looking at something that will really set you apart from your competitors, we have some ideas that will really grab peoples attention, and get you noticed!

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