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Price list Graphic Design, Printing and Manufacturing in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Our Price list shows the minimum price for a selection of Graphic Design work. The price is based on an estimation of how long it will take us to complete the task. We allow unlimited changes, until design is proofed (exactly how you like it), we will not rest until you are 100% thrilled with the design.  If you decide to increase the scope of any part of the design project, eg. add extra pages into a brochure, change a one sided flyer into 2 sides, 5 page website into 7 pages etc. that is fine.  The extra hrs. will be worked out using our hourly rate which is 500 baht per hour.  Our minimum price for all work excluding business card design (1500) is 3000 baht.  So excluding business card design, all projects start from 3000 baht.

If you have a small simple job and wish to pay hourly rate, that is fine, you can purchase design in blocks of 6hrs.  For all work we require 50% deposit to start design, then the balance is due on completion.  The list is in no way comprehensive and is more a guide to give an idea of how much some of the more common projects are likely to cost.  We ask for 50% advance on our projects so we can organize the exact order each project is worked on.  It’s a simple system that has proved to work well for both ourselves and our clients.

Website Design Prices

Our entry level websites start from 20,000 Baht.  Unlike most design companies, even our standard websites include custom design.  Up to 5 pages and domain registration and hosting for one year.

If you are looking for an E Commerce site to sell products online, our range of options will suit most budgets.  There are starter E Commerce sites that won’t break the bank.  Designed so that when you start to sell more product and wish to upgrade the site, our team can just expand you’re existing site, rather than you ending up having to pay for a brand new site.

Due to the fact we use a designer and a programmer to build your site, we avoid the common problem where you get a site that looks great, but has poor user experience.  Or Visa Versa, a site that’s great to use, but unattractive.

At Amitin Design when the client brief is a high level of customization, we believe the best results are achieved by using experts in each area field of expertise.  So a Graphic Designer (UI) will work with you on the design of your site.  A UX designer will work on the user experience to ensure it functions as well as it looks.

During the whole process of the websites design we carry out usability testing.  But we also continue this for a period after the site is completed, checking analysis of visitors to the site, and tweaking the site if we feel certain areas could be improved.


On completion we offer a variety of SEO packages that will have you ranking 1st page and even top 3, we believe in organic ranking through quality content and onsite/offsite SEO, so people find you anytime they search for a product similar to your own.  Also we can help with google adwords, but firmly believe a naturally high ranking site is far better than traffic through paid ads.  Although a budget that combines a combination of the two is always helpful in the start up stages.

If you wish we will fully manage your web site including regular updates, or when the site is completed we will train yourself and/or your staff how to make updates yourself.  Depending on how the back end is made, this can be extremely easy.  A wordpress back end is perfect for those with little to no computer skills, but still wish to carry out updates themselves.  We have a selection of solutions, worpress is just one of them and will not suit everybody.


For Printing, Manufacturing, or any design work that is not included in the design price list, please email us for a quotation.  Normally a reply will be sent within 2-3 hrs, but not longer than 24hrs. Our team has many years experience working in Graphic and website Design industry and have worked on a wide range of projects both big and small.  Take a look at our portfolio and client list and feel free to contact any previous client for a reference.

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