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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

All our custom websites are designed with SEO firmly taken into consideration.  However for those seeking large numbers of daily visitors as quickly as possible, an SEO and social media campaign is essential.

We offer extremely competitive rates and if after the agreed time period (usually 6-12 months), we do not reach our promised goals, we will then work for free until they are achieved.  So we are confident in achieving results that have been agreed.

Our Monthly SEO packages start from 5000 baht.  This includes onsite and offsite SEO for 10 keywords.


We will also write blog articles and create high quality back links that are relevant to your site.  All our SEO work is fully customized for your website.  We work by setting a series of realistic achievable goals.  Initially aiming to get your site on the first page of google for your chosen keywords.  We will then target top 3, and ultimately 1st place.  Our contract with you will clearly explain the goals of the campaign, the time frame to reach them, and our promise to work until they are achieved.

We aim to build our business through hard work, repeat custom and referrals from happy clients.  So we always aim to offer high quality products that are competitively priced.  As well as complete website design we can also custom design elements to be incorporated into existing websites. So if you need sliders, banners, info graphics, icons or other graphical content, we can custom design these for you so your sites stands out from the competition.  Using unique content will help your site rank higher in SEO (search Engine optimization), and make our site look more professional as no one likes to see the same content repeated on other websites of a similar nature.  But what a lot of people don’t know is google actually lowers your ranking score as a result.

So to get ahead of the competition always go for a website with unique custom content.  All our sites contain custom content, even our entry level sites.  So by choosing Amitin Design you will get a head start on your competition.  Combine this with SEO and you will quickly overtake your competitors for google rankings.

For more information on our SEO packages, Website design options or creating unique custom content for your existing site, contact us today!

Amitin Design is also proud to partner with template monster as one of their certified partners.  Through the link below you can purchase one of their templates or any other product and select us through their site to design and customize for you.  We offer their full range of products, services and also support to any of their new or existing customers.

So feel free to ask us about their products, and how they could be incorporated into your site.  Or if you already have a website that was created using one of their templates, we can help add additional content for you or add custom content.

So you are no longer on your own, you can meet with a local representative who can help with any design needs, and it comes with their recommendation and seal of approval.

You can click on the link below to learn more about their products and hire us through them or directly through the contact page on this site.